Did you listen these albums?

Askold Buk

Askold Buk Artist:Askold Buk
Album:Askold Buk
Launch Date:12/06/2010
Styles: Jazz Other

Children of Light

Children of Light Artist:Proteus Noir
Album:Children of Light
Launch Date:03/07/2010
Styles: Electronica World

Silicon Sandwich

Silicon Sandwich Artist:Music Inside
Album:Silicon Sandwich
Launch Date:05/06/2010
Styles: Electronica Pop Electro Rock

Conduct Unbecoming

Conduct Unbecoming Artist:Uncle Pooch
Album:Conduct Unbecoming
Launch Date:07/11/2009
Styles: Metal Hard Rock Experimental

Feast or Famine

Feast or Famine Artist:Indidginus
Album:Feast or Famine
Launch Date:24/10/2009
Styles: Electronica Euro-Techno


Align Artist:Indidginus
Launch Date:24/10/2009
Styles: Electronica Euro-Techno

Leda Atomica

Leda Atomica Artist:Leda Atomica
Album:Leda Atomica
Launch Date:05/02/2010
Styles: Rock Hard Rock Alt Rock


Seraphim Artist:David Modica
Launch Date:04/03/2010
Styles: New Age Inspirational

Native Intuition

Native Intuition Artist:David Modica
Album:Native Intuition
Launch Date:21/11/2009
Styles: New Age Inspirational

Dark Transport

Dark Transport Artist:Charlie Beresford
Album:Dark Transport
Launch Date:30/01/2010
Styles: Rock Alt Rock Progressive