Did you listen these albums?

Depth of my Heart

Depth of my Heart Artist:Gopal
Album:Depth of my Heart
Launch Date:03/12/2010
Styles: World Inspirational

Cheat the Devil

Cheat the Devil Artist:The Young Werewolves
Album:Cheat the Devil
Launch Date:31/12/2010
Styles: Hard Rock Other

A Life

A Life Artist:Michael Knopf
Album:A Life
Launch Date:24/12/2010
Styles: New Age Folk


13 Artist:Ceremony of Darkness
Launch Date:11/03/2011
Styles: Hard Rock Darkwave Thrash Metal


Datacube Artist:Jarkko Hietanen
Launch Date:15/01/2011
Styles: Electronica Darkwave

Lunatic Binge (instrumental)

Lunatic Binge (instrumental) Artist:CrimsonFaced
Album:Lunatic Binge (instrumental)
Launch Date:28/01/2011
Styles: Hard Rock Other

Viva La Musica Latina

Viva La Musica Latina Artist:Alan Marchand
Album:Viva La Musica Latina
Launch Date:11/08/2011
Styles: Piano Jazz Blues

Sins of the Past

Sins of the Past Artist:The Young Werewolves
Album:Sins of the Past
Launch Date:28/05/2011
Styles: Rock Alt Rock

The Ziur Movement

The Ziur Movement Artist:Maneli Jamal
Album:The Ziur Movement
Launch Date:28/05/2011
Styles: World New Age

Living on Air

Living on Air Artist:MAKO
Album:Living on Air
Launch Date:04/06/2011
Styles: Rock Alt Rock