Did you listen these albums?


Soundscapes Artist:Saros
Launch Date:27/04/2004
Styles: Electronica New Age

What do you suppose

What do you suppose Artist:Rapoon
Album:What do you suppose
Launch Date:05/10/2004
Styles: New Age Ambient

Rameau and Leclair

Rameau and Leclair Artist:Philharmonia Baroque
Album:Rameau and Leclair
Launch Date:29/04/2005
Styles: Classical Baroque Orchestral

Beside Themselves

Beside Themselves Artist:Phebe Craig and Katherine Westine
Album:Beside Themselves
Launch Date:05/10/2004
Styles: Classical Chamber Music Baroque

The Seventh Mirror

The Seventh Mirror Artist:Mandrake Root
Album:The Seventh Mirror
Launch Date:05/09/2005
Styles: Metal Hard Rock Progressive

Gimme Some

Gimme Some Artist:Nova Express
Album:Gimme Some
Launch Date:11/11/2003
Styles: Rock Metal Punk Hard Rock

8 Seconds

8 Seconds Artist:Pain Factor
Album:8 Seconds
Launch Date:11/02/2005
Styles: Metal Hard Rock Thrash Metal

Lines Build Walls

Lines Build Walls Artist:Ehren Starks
Album:Lines Build Walls
Launch Date:05/09/2005
Styles: New Age Jazz

Return Back

Return Back Artist:Domased
Album:Return Back
Launch Date:28/09/2003
Styles: Electronica Euro-Techno


Selection Artist:Domased
Launch Date:20/09/2005
Styles: Electronica Euro-Techno