Did you listen these albums?

Alma de Cuerda (Soul of String)

Alma de Cuerda (Soul of String) Artist:La Reverie
Album:Alma de Cuerda (Soul of String)
Launch Date:04/07/2010
Styles: World Classical

Ethnic Drums

Ethnic Drums Artist:Satori
Album:Ethnic Drums
Launch Date:24/07/2010
Styles: World Other

Undefended Heart

Undefended Heart Artist:Hans Christian
Album:Undefended Heart
Launch Date:09/10/2010
Styles: New Age Other

Devastate the Details

Devastate the Details Artist:FUR
Album:Devastate the Details
Launch Date:09/10/2010
Styles: Alt Rock Darkwave

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction Artist:Paul Avgerinos
Album:Law of Attraction
Launch Date:30/10/2010
Styles: New Age Ambient

Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision Artist:Ghost of Maine
Album:Persistence of Vision
Launch Date:30/10/2010
Styles: Metal Hard Rock

The Water is Wide

The Water is Wide Artist:David Modica
Album:The Water is Wide
Launch Date:19/06/2010
Styles: New Age Inspirational


Filmscore Artist:The Dino Haak Collective
Launch Date:01/05/2010
Styles: Rock Alternative Rock


Ether Artist:Mexeena
Launch Date:26/03/2010
Styles: Rock Alt Rock

Magnificent Obsession Beethoven Sonatas Volume 2

Magnificent Obsession Beethoven Sonatas Volume 2 Artist:Sebastian Forster
Album:Magnificent Obsession Beethoven Sonatas Volume 2
Launch Date:01/05/2010
Styles: Classical Chamber Music